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Statement of Policy

The World YWCA Statements of Policy 1894-2007 is a compendium of all official statements made during the World YWCA Councils, the official legislative body of the YWCA movement.

Since 1894 leaders in the YWCA movement have regularly come together to discuss the issues and challenges of the day and address advocacy and policy priorities that help create positive changes in women's lives in their communities, countries and worldwide.

The statements of policy give a cumulative impression of the consistent development and response of the movement to the issues of the day. The Statements reflect the changing social, political and economic life of women in the past 150 years, and at the same time reflect that few of the ideas are new with many recurrent themes and issues. Chapter one includes all the policy statements relating to the purpose and mission of the World YWCA. Chapter two includes all those dealing with the structure and organisation strategies, while the third chapter lists all the policy statements relating to social and international responsibility, classified by subject.

At the next World YWCA Council to be held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015, the leaders of the YWCA movement will propose and vote on Resolutions to guide the work and collective actions of YWCAs in over 120 countries for the next quadrennium. Resolutions adopted at World Councils are long-term commitments that give the international YWCA movement direction about how to address advocacy and policy priorities.

Download the World YWCA Statement of Policy 1894-2007:

World Council 2011 Resolutions

The promotion of climate change, women’s human rights, a nuclear free world and the freedom of movement were key issues brought forward by member associations at the 27th World YWCA Council. As a global membership movement, the Council provides space for members to propose resolutions to guide the policies and collective actions of YWCAs in 120 countries worldwide.  Council delegates adopted two Resolutions and issued two other calls to action.

World YWCA Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct

The World YWCA has developed a Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct, which has been officially approved by the World YWCA Board. Protecting children/young people from harm is the responsibility of all those who participate in the work of World YWCA. Personnel of the World YWCA, during their time of association with the organisation, may at some point be in a position where they will have contact with children or where they will work with children.