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YWCA of Botswana takes part in UNDAF workshop

YWCA of Botswana
YWCA of Botswana

The YWCA of Botswana is currently holding a two-day workshop to identify gender issues for consideration by a new UN Agency called United Nations Fund for Women, (UNDAF).

Speaking at the workshop, UNICEF Deputy Representative, Marcus Betts said UNDAF aims to assist the government achieve its development goals. He said that they would be looking at Vision 2016, the Millennium Development Goals as well as NDP 10.


UNDAF, according to Mr Betts, is a result of development assessment that was done by UN agencies in the early 2000s. Mr Betts said they will be holding a stakeholders workshop where they will compare the second Common Country Assessment (CCA) with NDP10 to come up with priorities.


He explained to representatives of different organisations gathered at the Oasis Motel that UN aid does not only come in the form of money. “UN doesn’t help with just money, I mean there is little money there but mainly we help with ideas”, he said.


The workshop also aims to raise awareness among gender advocates on national development strategies as well as to develop an advocacy strategy and implement it.

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