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Hong Kong People’s Perception on Woman Leaders

Hong Kong Leadership Ceremony
Hong Kong Leadership Ceremony

Women’s participation has become increasingly important. Many of them are taking up leading positions in the job market and the community. To understand the general public’s perception on woman leaders’ qualities and the most recognized woman leaders, the HKYWCA has conducted a survey from December 2005 to January 2006 on over 2000 people aged between 12-75. Opinions have drawn seven most important woman leader qualities and elected respective representing leaders.

In the survey, a total of 2,013 people were interviewed, 603 people are male and 1,410 people are female, of about 30% and 70% respectively.

Among the 2,013 replies, the most important woman leader qualities, in descending order, are: forward looking (1,109 votes), consider for the macro-situation (1,059 votes), wisdom (1,032 votes), flexibility (997 votes), responsibilities bearing (946 votes), broad-minded (897 votes), and know well of the subordinates and assign duties (834 votes).

Based on these qualities, opinions collected further revealed seven most representing woman leaders:

Forward looking: Dr. Rebecca Lee
Consider for the macro-situation: Mrs. Rita Fan, GBS, JP
Wisdom: Dr. Josephine Siao
Flexibility: Ms. Shelley Lee, JP
Responsibilities Bearing: Ms Lisa Wang, SBS
Broad-minded: Ms Elsie Hume, GBM
Know well of the subordinates and assign duties: Ms Denise Yue, GBS, JP

The survey results were announced on 4 March 2006 at an award presentation ceremony. The awardees shared with us their keys to success. They also brought a most important or memorable item and put them into a time capsule which would be opened in five years to compare the societal changes, democratic and woman leaders’ development of now and then.


Mothers, who own all the above-mentioned qualities deserve an honour. Mothers have far-sighted vision for their children; Mothers take up household chores and take care of the children at the same time. Many of them even bear heavy responsibilities which can’t be accomplished without great wisdom. Mothers show consideration and forgiveness to her children. It can be concluded that mothers work very hard for their families throughout their life and should be proud to win the Honorary Award.


Since the enforcement of the nine-year free education policy in Hong Kong, women’s education level has been improved. Women pursue their own career and also actively participate in the social affairs. However, men still take up leading roles and managerial positions in many corporations and enterprises. In fact, the development of community is contributed by both men and women. Women’s participation can never be ignored. Hong Kong YWCA is committed to advancing the Women’s Movement in the past 85 years. We encourage young women to pay close attention to women’s affairs and contribute to the community. By conducting this women’s leadership survey, we appeal to corporations and enterprises to provide more opportunities to women, and allow women to participate in different aspects.

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