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European Young Women discuss what safety means to them

What does Safety means? And more precisely, what does it mean for young European women working or volunteering at the YWCA? Those were the questions that the participants at the European YWCAs Study Session, held April 11 to 18, 2010 in Budapest had to address. Facilitated by Marisa Ribordy, volunteer at the World YWCA in Geneva and member of the preparatory team of the Study Session, the session started with a creativity challenge as the participants had to draw their vision of safety. The drawings were then translated into words that were input on a brick wall, thus making a visual the participants could always refer to.

European Young Women Learning and Sharing

Flip chart full of drawings and information covered the walls as clusters of young women gathered in huddles, strategising how to best publicise the work of their associations and how to sustain the networking at the European YWCAs Study Session 2010. Young women engaged in laughter and serious conversations that build friendships on the first day of study session in Budapest. This meeting has united 37 young women from 20 European countries from April 12 to 18, 2010.

European Young Women start off the 2010 Study Session, European Young Women Creating a Safe World

The sun is peaking through the windows of the European Youth Centre in Budapest, lightening the buzzing activity that is taking place in the conference room of the 4th floor. The preparatory team is bringing a final touch to the programme, going over it one more time, leafing through the sessions to make sure nothing is being left out: "Everything needs to be in perfect place for the opening of the session tomorrow" says Kirsty Kelly, World Board and prep team member, while reviewing the session on the upcoming World Council 2011.

The building-blocks of faith:youth in Denmark learn about God

A group of teenage girls gather around a large pile of LEGO® bricks—an unusual sight for girls their age.

European Young Women Ready to Create a Safe World

Creating a safe world is everyone’s business and the young women of the European YWCAs will contribute to regional and global efforts in April when they participate in the ‘European YWCAs Young Women’s Study Session’ from April 11 – 18, 2010 around the theme European Young Women Creating A Safe World.


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YWCA of England and Wales announces binge drinking conference

In a bid to tackle the reasons for teenage binge drinking, the YWCA England & Wales is hosting a unique conference to address the country's binge-drinking problem. 'Women finding solutions to binge drinking’, is a one-day conference bringing together those who feel strongly about binge drinking and want to find solutions.

YWCA Doncaster, England and Wales to receive visit from James Brokenshire, MP

James Brokenshire, Shadow Conservative Home Affairs and Crime Reduction Minister will visit the YWCA of Doncaster, England & Wales, Women's Centre on July 9, 2009.

Women in Georgia still in need, says YWCA of Georgia

The conflict that broke out in South Ossetia between Russia and Georgia on August 8, 2008 left a population of nearly 160,000 internally displaced, many of whom were women and children. The YWCA of Georgia mobilised to collect money and essential items for women and children that were then distributed through kindergartens and schools in the capital T'bilisi.

Young YWCA England & Wales mums deliver sex education

A group of six young mothers from YWCA Bristol Young Women's Centre have just completed delivering sex and relationships education to schools in Bristol, United Kingdom.