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Rosenstrasse 76 and “No Women – No Peace” exhibitions coming to Zurich!

Rosenstrasse 76 and “No Women – No Peace” exhibitions coming to Zurich!
Copyright: Peace Women Across the Globe

World YWCA Council and the International Women’s Summit (IWS) will be an opportunity to learn about the many issues facing women and girls today. Throughout the week participants will attend workshops and listen to inspiring speeches, but they will also be able to see powerful exhibitions that focus on violence against women, women leaders and UNSC Resolution 1325.

The YWCAs of Finland and Germany are bringing the popular Rosenstrasse 76 exhibition to IWS. Rosenstrasse 76 is an exceptional exhibition creatively designed to provide a unique opportunity to visualise domestic violence. It uses a simple representation of an ordinary apartment with individual rooms (kitchen, living room, bedroom, children's room) that contains furniture and objects of everyday life, as well as audio clips and information boards about the objects and display boards indicating where and what type of violence has occurred. The viewer will be given the opportunity to see, feel and recognise domestic violence in all its facets.  Rosenstrasse 76 was originally conceived in Germany, but it has been travelling all over the world and has been taken up by different countries.

Another exciting exhibition being offered during World Council and IWS is “No Women – No Peace,” organised by Peace Women Across the Globe. Peace Women Across the Globe is the global network of the 1,000 women collectively nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. The exhibition conveys the relevance of women’s work in peace and it portrays their notion of peace on a very personal level. “No Women – No Peace” is presented in three parts: posters on the history and contents of Resolution 1325, which includes examples of good practices, and short biographies of, and quotes from, Peace Women. It also includes a film with statements from 31 Peace Women from 17 countries on Resolution 1325 in their original languages, and 1,000 postcards with impressive portraits of the 1,000 women from 150 countries who were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. The goal is to facilitate connections and strengthen women’s peace efforts around the globe so that a strong, cross-sectoral and global women’s peace movement emerges.

 These displays convey the issues that are being raised at World Council and are related to the IWS plenary sessions in a visual manner. “The Rosenstrasse 76 exhibition displays domestic violence against women in a silent and still manner, giving the viewer the time to feel the ways in which violence occurs. The “No Women – No Peace” exhibit reflects the diversity of the thousand women, which is very much in line with the diversity of our movement. Quite a few of the women presented are in some way or another connected to the YWCA,” said Fiona Wilkie, World Council Coordinator.

Join us for World Council and IWS and be part of an unforgettable experience!

For more information please visit:

Rosenstrasse 76

Peace Women Across the World

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