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If I Kept it to Myself: women intervene in a world of AIDS

'If I Kept it to Myself: women intervene in a world of AIDS
'If I Kept it to Myself' book cover

In this book you will meet young women from all over the world, who have shaken their communities as peer counselors and educators, as care givers and as people living openly with HIV or AIDS; giving hope to many and promoting a humanistic response to the pandemic.

Launched at the International AIDS Conference 2006 in Toronto, Canada, “If I Kept it to Myself” features 21 young women working to make a difference in a world with AIDS. The book categorises the profiles according to their area of work namely advocacy, education, care and support, and media and communication. Each section contains a ‘Tool Box’ - tips and tools inspired by the stories in the section that young women can use in their work.

The book concludes with profiles of five pioneers including Asunte Wagura of Kenya and Trinh Thi Thuy Ngan of Vietnam.

Publisher: World YWCA, The Global Coalition on Women and AIDS

Date of publication: 2006

Language: English, Spanish, French

Download If I Kept it to myself :

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