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Ways to Donate

Why support the World YWCA?
  • Be an actor in offering women, young women and girls the opportunity for a better and safer life …
  • Give millions of women, young women and girls worldwide the power to change their lives …
  • Make a significant difference in the world …

Donate to the World YWCA – an organisation which, for over 150 years, has been enhancing women’s, young women’s and girls’ well being, skills and leadership so that they may in turn improve the lives of others.

Each year the World YWCA reaches more than 25 million women, young women and girls through their work at grassroots level in 22,000 communities.

Each year, thanks to World YWCA programmes funded by generous donors, women, young women and girls can improve their living conditions, their health, their financial situation, understand their rights, become leaders and decision makers, and in turn help their families and contribute constructively to their communities.

Two ways to donate:

Invest in the Present:

  • Support local programmes that target the root causes of poverty, violence, poor health, injustice, stigma and discrimination
  • Support training programmes to allow YWCA leaders to develop the most effective solutions to problems facing their communities
  • Support global advocacy programmes which bring core issues to the forefront of global arenas

Invest in the Future:

  • Donate to the Power to Change Fund – a permanent fund of the World YWCA that endows leadership development programmes for women, young women and girls worldwide.
  • The fund was created to ensure that funding would be available long term, regardless of political climate, currency fluctuations, economic downturns or inconsistencies in annual support.

Honour a woman leader

Make your donation in the name of someone who has inspired you – whether within your family or in your social or professional environment. Equipped with skills, knowledge and resources, women can be a powerful force in changing lives and communities around them.

Choose to make a difference - Donate now !

We thank you for your generous support – every contribution counts!