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How to Volunteer

The World YWCA is supported by millions of volunteers worldwide who enable the work of the movement to develop the leadership of women and girls.

Women in the YWCA have resourced their own empowerment through care work, volunteerism, and donating their wealth, talents and time. YWCA volunteers around the world are involved in providing home based care and childcare services, as visiting people in the hospital or helping mothers develop new skills to re-enter the job market. At the world office in Geneva, Switzerland, volunteers are involved in assisting programmes, communications, fundraising or administration.

It is through the dedication of volunteers that the YWCA is able to contribute towards reducing poverty, ensuring peace and security, eliminating violence against women, reducing the impact of HIV and AIDS and ensuring sustainable development.

Thinking about volunteering?

Join the World YWCA office

The World YWCA seeks volunteers to assist working within the following departments: finance and operations, programmes, or communications.

If you are interested and would like to apply please send your CV, area of interest and availability to

Contact your local YWCA

You can contribute in making this world better for women and girls by working with a YWCA as a volunteer. Contact the YWCA in your country