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News Archive (2008 - 2005)

European YWCAs discuss HIV advocacy strategies at regional workshop

‘Advocacy is interlinked with identifying problems, changes in policies and programmes and finding solutions. It is a social marketing idea that helps you to push your ideas,‘ said Natallia Aleksandrovich, World YWCA Programme Director for Europe during an advocacy training session at the regional HIV skills building workshop in Albania.

YWCA of Zimbabwe supports talks between political parties of Zimbabwe

The YWCA of Zimbabwe has called upon the Zimbabwe Council of Churches to support the recommendations of international bodies for dialogue between the political parties in Zimbabwe. In a letter addressed to the General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, the association commends the churches role in mediation efforts and asks them to support the efforts of women in the following months as they rebuild their lives in the aftermath of post election violence that has gripped the country since March 29.

Journey for Justice calls on young people to help build peace in the Middle East

For most young people, a life living under occupation is unimaginable. For the young people of Palestine, it is a daily reality. World YWCA advocacy intern, Leanne Baumung will take part in the Journey for Justice to express solidarity with Palestinian youth by travelling to Palestinian territories to experience a glimpse of what life is like for young people living under occupation.

Colourful celebrations to mark the YMCA Europe Festival 2008

World YWCA staff will attend the weeklong YMCA Europe Festival 2008 in the Czech Republic, August 3-9. The capital Prague will come alive in a festival atmosphere to celebrate a worldwide Christian fellowship and to explore the growth and strength of the YMCA.

Where are the women? asks World YWCA as political talks take place in Zimbabwe

“Negotiations are taking place in Zimbabwe, but it’s men talking about issues affecting women. Where are the women at the decision making table ? ” asked Dr Helene Yinda, Programme Director for Africa and the Middle East at a tray lunch on Zimbabwe at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, July 24.

World YWCA joins ecumenical global leaders and asks Zimbabwe’s leaders to remember people before politics

The leaders of the World YWCA, World Council of Churches, World Student Christian Federation, World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the World Alliance of YMCAs have issued a statement to congratulate the leadership of the ZANU PF party and the Movement for Democratic Change on signing the recent Memorandum of Understanding that hopes to pave the way for the beginning of negotiations towards peace with justice in Zimbabwe.

World YWCA to keep women and girls on the agenda at AIDS 2008

The voices of women and girls will not be lost at the upcoming AIDS 2008 meeting in Mexico City from August 3-8. AIDS 2008 is the largest and most comprehensive gathering of organisations focused on HIV, and the World YWCA delegation will maintain a focus on women and girls throughout AIDS 2008.

World YWCA AIDS 2008 delegation visits YWCA of Naucalpan

The World YWCA delegation attending the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2008) in Mexico City boarded a bus yesterday to visit the YWCA of Naucalpan, Mexico to learn more about the dynamic HIV and AIDS prevention programmes held at the association.

Good work must continue says World YWCA as Global AIDS report highlights progress in HIV prevention

UNAIDS has released a comprehensive report days before the start of AIDS 2008 stating that new HIV infections and AIDS related deaths are declining globally. Despite the progress that has been made however, the report acknowledges that the AIDS pandemic is not over for many parts of the world.

Faith in Action Now!: World YWCA AIDS 2008 delegation explore faith and HIV and AIDS

More than 450 Christians from all over the world will gather today in Mexico City to participate in a three-day Ecumenical Pre-Conference to explore the challenges posed by the HIV and AIDS pandemic to people of faith.