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Preventing domestic violence against women in the context of increased gender equality

The YWCA of Belarus ran a successful one year project funded through the World YWCA Power to Change Fund on preventing domestic violence. Based on Christian principles the project addressed Domestic and other gender-based violence; Basic human rights (right to freedom); Leadership development, personal development (self-esteem, knowledge of human rights); Raising the status of woman in the society in order to avoid “stigmatization” and “survivorization”. 

Nagasaki Peace Messengers: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

At the time of the bombing and its aftermath, Hiroshima was a burning hell. Some people burned to death, and others had glass stuck in their bodies. A famous Japanese peom described the situation as such: “When the atomic bomb falls, day turns into night and people turn into ghosts.”  - Tsugumi Inoue, Nagasaki Peace Messenger. 

Youth Civic Engagement

Each year on 12 August International Youth Day is celebrated globally. This year the theme is “Youth Civic Engagement”.  12 August was first designated International Youth Day by the UN General Assembly in 1999, and serves as an annual celebration of the role of young women and men as essential partners in change, and an opportunity to raise awareness of challenges and problems facing the world’s youth.

World Council Photo Contest

As we prepare for the YWCA World Council 2015, show us what the World Council theme bold, transformative leadership looks like to you.

Send us your best photos integrating this message, and you could win a prize and have your photos displayed in World YWCA’s information and advocacy materials.

61st Session CEDAW training – Reflections by a young woman

Young people are educated to be obedient, abide by set rules and being told by others what to do on the basis that one is young and inexperienced. This exerts more pressure on young women and girls. Under a patriarchal system which is constituted many communities around the world, women and young women are being discriminated against in many forms.

In Solidarity and Prayers YWCA of Greece: Eurozone debt crisis

The World YWCA stands in solidarity with our sisters in Greece during this time of economic and social hardship. The Eurozone debt crisis has plummeted millions of people and their families into poverty and despair. The YWCA of Greece in its 92 year history has been a strong member of our movement. They hosted the World Council in 1979 and the late Athena Athanasiou, who was President of the World YWCA (1967-1975) and President of the YWCA of Greece served the movement with great passion. The YWCA of Greece continues to serve their communities and during this time of social turmoil strives to empower women, young women and girls.

YWCAs of Liberia and Sierra Leone successfully respond to the Ebola Virus

In March 2014, five countries in West Africa were gripped by the Ebola Virus. The outbreak began in Guinea and spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. Liberia was worst hit by the epidemic and saw thousands of new cases every week. Only this week a new fatal case of Ebola was reported and the outbreak is threatening to spread once again. 

World leaders have committed to concrete action on education in emergencies

World leaders have committed to concrete action on education in emergencies and will launch a new international commission to reverse the decline in funding for education. At the Education For Development Summit hosted by the Norwegian Government, World leaders met to discuss key issues regarding access to education for development. An emergency fund to provide education for young people caught up in conflicts and natural disasters is being proposed by UN envoy Gordon Brown and a coalition of charities and campaigns.

World YWCA Enjoys Official Visit to YWCA China

At the invitation of the National Council of YWCAs of China, the World YWCA leadership enjoyed a week-long visit with the YWCA of China. It was a mutually fulfilling experience of learning, sharing and dialogue. During our time together, we had an opportunity to visit programs run by the YWCAs in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing. Like the YWCA movement, the YWCA China remains deeply committed to its core values, which are steeped within its Christian tradition.

Nepal Relief Update

On 25 April 2015, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal, parts of India and Bangladesh, in response the World YWCA issued a call to action and the YWCA of Nepal called for financial contributions to support their relief effort. So far the YWCA of Nepal has supported over 1000 individuals including 400 families.