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Young Pacific women map out the future they want

This week in Honiara, the World YWCA and the YWCA of the Solomon Islands is hosting 30 women from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Samoa for the Pacific skills and leadership training Our Future: Moving forward in advancing Intergenerational Approaches to Bold and Transformative Leadership. 

Ebola virus disease

The Ebola crisis continues to grip West Africa and several cases have now been reported outside of the region. There is still no cure for Ebola and victims can die within a few days of contracting the fatal disease. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is working tirelessly to combat the disease and provides emergency medical support to affected countries. The WHO has issued the following Ebola messages for the general public:

Standing in solidarity with the Mothers of Soacha

The World YWCA International Leadership Institute (ILI) on Envisioning 2035 and Intergenerational and Shared Leadership, held in Bogota Colombia from October 6 - 9 2014, consisted of a wide array of empowering workshops, reflections and talks by various inspiring interlocutors. As part of the ILI the participating delegates from around the world had the opportunity to meet, listen and dialogue with two “Mothers of Soacha”, victims of the dramatic "Extrajudicial Executions” event which occurred in 2008 in Soacha, Colombia. 

Ending the cycle of Violence

Saturday October 11, 2014 marked the International Day of the Girl Child under the theme ‘Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence’, the day offers an opportunity to call for action against child marriage and to end violence against women and girls worldwide.  Since 1947, the World YWCA has been advocating to end violence against women and girls worldwide. To date violence against women and girls still exists and we are saying there is NO EXCUSES for violence against women and there is no excuse for ignoring it! 

The NoXcuses campaign lives on - Keep building the momentum!

The Week Without Violence has officially ended – but the NoXcuses campaign has not! The World YWCA is continuing to advocate for an end to violence against women, so keep on sending us your photos, keep on tweeting, keep on advocating, and share information on what your activities were during the Week Without Violence and beyond!

World YWCA Board Communique

The World YWCA Board has just concluded its four day Board meeting held in Bogota, Colombia from October 11-14, 2014. The Board meeting followed a five day International Leadership Institute (ILI) which focused on Envisioning 2035 for the YWCA Movement, and leadership training for some 60 participants from 30 countries supported by World YWCA staff and Global Ambassadors Ping Lee, Global Ambassador for Envisioning 2035, and Bonnie Fatio,  Global Ambassador for Leadership.

NoXcuse for Violence Against Women

Day two of the Week Without Violence noXcuses campaign is in full action!

NoXcuse for Violence Against Women

Today marks the beginning of the Week Without Violence.

All around the world YWCAs are coming together to say – There is no NoXcuse for Violence Against Women! There is NoXcuse for ignoring it!

NoXcuse for Violence Against Women

Week Without Violence - October 13-19, 2014

There is no excuse for violence against women!

This is the rallying cry of our new campaign for the Week Without Violence. For 20 years YWCAs across the world have been advocating for an end to violence. 20 years later we are still here and violence is still present in our lives. It has to stop! There is no excuse for violence against women and there is no excuse for ignoring it!

YWCA Women Journey Towards Their Future

The International Leadership Institute (ILI) on Envisioning 2035 and Intergenerational and shared leadership started on Monday October 6, 2014 in Bogota, Colombia,. The World YWCA, in collaboration with the YWCA of Colombia, is hosting 50 women from around the world at the 4th ILI, under the theme, “Transformative and Intergenerational Leadership to realise women’s rights through a strong YWCA movement.” This will be a first for the region. In addition to being part of a conversation discussing their thoughts, inspirations, voices, critical issues and expectations, as they envision the future of the movement, the participants will also be part of another historical moment on October 7,  by celebrating the YWCA of Colombia’s 50th Anniversary of  working on women’s human rights.