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The power of media to get a message across

Filmmaker Abigail E. Disney is best known for producing the award-winning documentary " Pray the Devil Back to Hell", which highlights the courage of Liberian women who campaigned for peace and who played a pivotal role in ending Liberia's civil war. Following the remarkable impact of this film, Abigail embarked on an ambitious journey of making a series of films called " Women, War and Peace" detailing the untold stories of women in wartime around the world from Bosnia to Afghanistan and Colombia, placing women at the centre of an urgent dialogue about conflict, peace  and security.

10th WCC Assembly takes off in Busan, South Korea

The 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC), which was last held seven years ago, is taking place from October 30 to November 8, 2013. This 10-day communion of several thousand members of diverse ecumenical movements will be held at Conference center BEXCO in Busan, Republic of Korea. 

Shoes bring Week Without Violence to life

From October 14-20, 2013, the World YWCA movement celebrated the annual campaign, ‘Week Without Violence’ (WWV) through actions in communities, schools, workplaces and public forums, targeted at raising awareness on violence against women, and highlighting its negative impact on society.

Latest Common Concern: Speaking out on Violence against Women

The latest issue of Common Concern is now available!! This Common Concern gives the compelling argument and an echo to the global call to have stronger and clearer commitments to ending violence against women in the new development agenda.

For the full edition of Common Concern we invite you to sign up for an annual subscription, which will includes two Common Concerns, the World YWCA Annual Report and the YWCA-YMCA Week of Prayer Booklet.

The YWCA of Japan

Over 100,000 women across Asia were victims of enforced prostitution by the Japanese Imperial Forces during World War II. The Japanese government continued to deny this shameful aspect of its wartime history. 1945 – an ending or a beginning.

The African Regional Conference on Population and Development Beyond 2014

The African Regional Conference on Population and Development Beyond 2014, attended by 52 countries, was held from September 30 - October 4. 2013 at the United Nations Conference Centre, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia around the theme "Harnessing the Demographic Dividend: The future we want for Africa." Organised in partnership with the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), its main aim was to emphasize the need for state and non-state actors to recommit themselves at the highest level to fully implement the ICPD Plan of Action at both national and regional levels.

Thursdays in Black: zero tolerance for violence against women

The World Council of Churches (WCC) is working toward the revival of “Thursdays in Black”, a campaign against sexual and gender-based violence. The emphasis is pertinent to the theme of the WCC’s upcoming assembly: “God of life, lead us to justice and peace”.

Girls Speak Out

On October 11, 2013 the 2nd annual International Day of the Girl Child (IDG), girls took the centre stage diocese by storm at UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Chamber, in New York, USA. The event titled “Girls Speak Out” was hosted by the Nike Foundation, Plan International and Intel with UNICEF and UN Women. The World YWCA was represented by YWCA UN Representatives: Elizabeth Nash, Jill Marie Sen and Doris Salah. Young women and girls from around the world spoke as panellists discussing topics including undocumented girl migrants, child marriage, rape, domestic violence, early pregnancy, safe spaces, and lack of access to information. Each girl took her turn outlining the difficulties girls face in her region, and then described her personal accomplishments as an empowered grass-roots activist challenging barriers that prevent girls from reaching their full potential. They invited girls to become fellow activists in whatever way possible including creating petitions at

June 2013: Speaking out against Violence against Women

This Common Concern gives the compelling argument and an echo to the global call to have stronger and clearer commitments to ending violence against women in the new development agenda.

YWCA Week Without Violence

Today marks the beginning of the World YWCA Week Without Violence (WWV). For decades, the World YWCA movement has taken action in communities, schools, workplaces and public forums to raise awareness of violence against women, its widespread existence, and its impact on families and societies. The WWV is one of the ways that YWCAs are working to address gender inequality and violence against women. The aim of the WWV is to challenge and inspire “people to bring to life a vision of the future where all people are free to live in peace, respect and opportunity.”