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World YWCA Board Communique

The World YWCA Board has just concluded its four day Board meeting held in Bogota, Colombia from October 11-14, 2014. The Board meeting followed a five day International Leadership Institute (ILI) which focused on Envisioning 2035 for the YWCA Movement, and leadership training for some 60 participants from 30 countries supported by World YWCA staff and Global Ambassadors Ping Lee, Global Ambassador for Envisioning 2035, and Bonnie Fatio,  Global Ambassador for Leadership.

NoXcuse for Violence Against Women

Day two of the Week Without Violence noXcuses campaign is in full action!

NoXcuse for Violence Against Women

Today marks the beginning of the Week Without Violence.

All around the world YWCAs are coming together to say – There is no NoXcuse for Violence Against Women! There is NoXcuse for ignoring it!

NoXcuse for Violence Against Women

Week Without Violence - October 13-19, 2014

There is no excuse for violence against women!

This is the rallying cry of our new campaign for the Week Without Violence. For 20 years YWCAs across the world have been advocating for an end to violence. 20 years later we are still here and violence is still present in our lives. It has to stop! There is no excuse for violence against women and there is no excuse for ignoring it!

YWCA Women Journey Towards Their Future

The International Leadership Institute (ILI) on Envisioning 2035 and Intergenerational and shared leadership started on Monday October 6, 2014 in Bogota, Colombia,. The World YWCA, in collaboration with the YWCA of Colombia, is hosting 50 women from around the world at the 4th ILI, under the theme, “Transformative and Intergenerational Leadership to realise women’s rights through a strong YWCA movement.” This will be a first for the region. In addition to being part of a conversation discussing their thoughts, inspirations, voices, critical issues and expectations, as they envision the future of the movement, the participants will also be part of another historical moment on October 7,  by celebrating the YWCA of Colombia’s 50th Anniversary of  working on women’s human rights.

Elizabeth Palmer dies aged 101 - A true Visionary Leader of YWCA Movement

Ms. Elizabeth Palmer (17th of April, 1913 – 4th October, 2014) sadly passed away yesterday 4 October, 2014. Ms. Palmer was a trailblazer and an exceptional leader who dedicated her whole life to the YWCA cause. The heritage of her vision and actions which saw the World YWCA become one of the most respected women’s organisations and highly influential in setting global standards on the status of women.

Solidarity and support for Peace with Justice: Palestine

In the holy land of Bethlehem, Palestine the international conference on Women’s Freedom, Peace and Dignity in Palestine: UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR1325) for Accountabilty, drew to a close on October 1. The main objectives of the conference were to promote awareness amongst international partners, the World YWCA movement, as well as local, regional and international women organisations and coalitions on the effects of Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Women,  create solidarity and support for Peace with Justice,  contribute actively to the women’s movement discourse and vision and to  strengthen global networks for the implementation of UNSR1325, and offer opportunities for sharing best practices, challenges and opportunities in the implementation. 

Women’s Freedom, Peace and Dignity in Palestine

“Women know the suffering of other women. Women in Palestine are suffering because of the occupation.”

Vanessa Anyotti, Young woman from the YWCA of Tanzania reporting from New York

The Post 2015 Development Agenda must capture the needs, assets and aspirations of the 860 million young women in the world today, who are most vulnerable to poverty, hunger and poor health outcomes. 

Women’s Freedom, Peace and Dignity in Palestine: UNSCR1325 for Accountability

In Bethlehem, Palestine at the Jacir Palace Hotel, the YWCA of Palestine is hosting an international conference titled “Women’s Freedom, Peace and Dignity in Palestine: UNSCR1325 for Accountability”. The conference is taking place from the 29th September to the 1st of October, 2014, and is organised in coordination with the World YWCA, the National Coalition for the Activation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325), which is headed by the General Union of Palestinian Women and the National Committee headed by the Ministry of Women's Affairs.