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The YWCA of Japan expresses its gratitude

The YWCA of Japan expresses its gratitude
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Following the massive earthquake that hit northern Japan on March 11, 2011, which caused a destructive tsunami and a nuclear catastrophe, the YWCA of Japan issued two Calls to Action to support people in distress. YWCA’s around the world have swiftly responded and offered their support and solidarity to the people of Japan and the YWCA of Japan.

The YWCA of Japan has released its monthly report to expresses their gratitude for the support they have received following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The report also provides an update on activities undertaken since March 11. According to the report, as of April 1st, the YWCA of Japan has received a contribution from the YWCA/YMCA and friends amounting to 7,189,942 JPY (US $ 85,671). The YWCA of Japan has used this donation to reach out to those survivors that fall out of public support and those who need special care and attention.

The YWCA of Japan works collaboratively with the church, church-based organisations, volunteers, and the government to deliver donated goods for women and children, such as diapers, powdered milk, feeding bottles, baby food, and sanitary goods, by relaying the packages from one organisation to other. The YWCA and its partners have also formed a group, Tohuku HELP, that has taken up various support and emergency activities.

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