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World YWCA’S Peace Appeal and Protection of Women and Children in Gaza

World YWCA’S Peace Appeal and Protection of Women and Children in Gaza
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The World YWCA appeals for peace and the protection of women and girls in Gaza, and the Middle East region as we witness the unacceptable violence, airstrikes and the resulting loss of lives and catastrophic humanitarian consequences. The movement stands in solidarity with the YWCA of Palestine in its efforts to secure peace with justice.

The World YWCA has a long history of raising its voice on the side of peace, justice, protection of human rights, life with dignity and the safety of women and children.  We stand against all forms of violence and abuse during times of war, conflict and peace.  We therefore call for peace and a ceasefire, as we witness the current violence in Gaza and the impact on innocent civilians in both the Palestinian and Israeli communities.

The World YWCA believes that securing just peace in the Israeli - Palestinian conflict is the only solution. Long standing issues such as ending Israeli occupation, and addressing the refugee situation and displacement are key to bringing a just, peaceful and sustainable solution in the Middle East.

The lack of commitment towards a real peace process and the establishment of new settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank continue to the violate the basic rights of the Palestinian people and hinder any possibility for people to live a life of peace and security. The World YWCA calls upon the international community to demonstrate its humanitarian values, and to ensure that all parties to the conflict adhere to principles of human rights, as a pre-requisite for peace. 

In line with the World YWCA Council Resolutions related to the Middle East, women’s rights and UN Security Council Resolution 1325, the World YWCA urges YWCAs and partners to:

  1. Advocate for cessation of violence and the provision of humanitarian assistance: Call upon governments to urge the United Nations to take all the necessary measures to end the aggression in Gaza, provide humanitarian assistance and ensure immediate cessation of hostilities.
  2. Call for protection of the rights of civilians and especially women and children: Call upon the Israeli Government, Hamas, the United Nations, humanitarian institutions and all other actors in Gaza to protect the rights of civilians and especially women and children.
  3. Lobby for inclusion of women in peace and humanitarian efforts: Call upon the international community and all parties to comply with UN Security Resolution 1325 and ensure that women are included in conflict resolution and peace building efforts.
  4. Advocate for just lasting peace in Israel and Palestine: Speak out on the United Nations Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on November 29, by organising peaceful, public events that call for peace with justice in the Middle East region and for the international community to support the Palestinian plight for freedom and independence in line with previously agreed United Nations Resolutions.

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