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YWCA/YMCA Week of Prayer and World Fellowship 2013

YWCA/YMCA Week of Prayer and World Fellowship 2013

The work of the YWCA and YMCA movements is rooted in Christianity and we are driven by our Christian beliefs in everything that we do. One of our oldest joint traditions is to celebrate the YWCA/YMCA Week of Prayer, a tradition that goes back to 1904. Every year during the month of November, the YWCA and YMCA movements issue a joint call for prayer as an important reminder of the spiritual vision that drives their efforts to create a better world for all people. This year's YWCA/YMCA Week of Prayer will be held from November 10-16, under the theme: "Be the Change”.

The Week of Prayer Bible Reading Plan invites us to think about change and how to look inside of ourselves to find the strength we need to make change happen. Instead of hoping to change others, we must first begin with ourselves. If all of us incarnated “the change we wish to see in the world” think what a powerful force that would be!

In this year’s Week of Prayer Booklet you will find words and prayers that will guide you on your journey to change and that will give you the strength “not to conform to mainstream culture or actions, but to respond to the call to be different and to do things differently.” Let each page inspire you to reflect upon how we can move from our individual calling to the collective for change.  In the words of our Presidents, Ken Colloton and Deborah Thomas Austin, “this year we have decided to look at ways to continue to effect change collectively as YMCA and YWCA movements worldwide. The change starts with me and you and the others. That is our calling. Be the Change. Be Transformed.”

It is with great pleasure that we share with you the  Week of Prayer Booklet and we hope that you will enjoy reading this text. The Week of Prayer booklet is available in French and Spanish and will be mailed to each Member Association. The electronic version in the three languages are accessible on the World YWCA Website. If you wish to order additional copies of the booklet, please download and fill the form below and send it back to

If you wish to order the booklet please complete and return the order form:

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