As a member of the World YWCA movement, you are part of a global community of women and young women leaders who are changing the world. Our bold and transformative goal 2035, adopted at World Council 2015, gives us an unprecedented mandate to act—and to empower women and young women globally as part of our inter-generational approach to leadership.

To achieve our mandate, we need to bring together and build on the strengths of the whole movement. This ensures our impacts are even greater than that of the 109 individual member associations and keeps the YWCA movement strong and visible around the world, while increasing our fundraising potential.

With your support and affiliation fees, we can ensure we have the tools and resources to share knowledge, build capacity, and train, empower and mobilize women and young women leaders globally.

At World Council 2015, we agreed to develop a new affiliation fee formula that would be more realistic, transparent and equitable for all member associations. Via this members’ forum, we are pleased to offer you more information on the two formulas we will be putting to vote, the voting process and the draft affiliation fee policy—while providing you with a discussion forum where you can ask questions and make comments.

We have created three different spaces where you will able to raise your questions and where dedicated World YWCA Staff Members will provide clarifications.

  1. The two recommended affiliation fee formulas (click to enter forum)
  2.  Discuss and vote on the affiliation fee formulas (click to enter forum)
  3. Review the draft affiliation fee policy (click to enter forum)

You can also contact the World YWCA at