Continuing the YWCA Women Peace Pilgrimage launched last year, pilgrims climbed Mt. Jiri for chapter two of their pilgrimage journey

 2018 YWCA Hanminjok Women Peace Pilgrimage ‘From Mt. Halla to Mt. Paektu’ launched from September 30th to October 2nd at Gwangju and Mt.Jiri.  At this peace event, a total of 250 pilgrims and the participants from YWCA members from South Korea, Koreans Diasporas from China, the United States, overseas Koreans and the North Korean defectors, all gathered to yearn and pray for the peace in Korean peninsula.

Gwangju YWCA team hosted the Peace Pilgrimage Chapter 2

The theme and the purpose of this year’s pilgrimage is to remember and commemorate the pain and the tragic behind story of Koreans fighting an ideological war against its own people at the time of the Korean War.  Mt. Jiri is known as the ‘land of the innocent bloodshed’ and the ‘broken land’ for the struggle that took place all over Mt. Jiri between the leftist partisans and the Southern military and civilian authorities. This ideological war caused more than 400 civilians deaths (including children and women) as villagers were rounded up and shot by Southern soldiers.

27 women Peace Pilgrim representatives climbed 1,915.4 meter-high Cheonwangbong Peak (천왕봉) and the rest of the participants climbed Nogodan in Jirisan Mountain, yearning for the peace in Korean peninsula.


Cheonwangbong team and Nogodan team both read the ‘YWCA women peace prayer’ out loud and had the peace performance at their own destinations.

YWCA Women Peace Pilgrimage: From Halla to Baekdu’  is the 100th anniversary of Korea YWCA peace movement project which launched last year climbing the highest mountain in South Korea, Mount Hall. Mt. Jiri which is the second-tallest mountain in South Korea after Jeju Island‘s Hallasan, and the tallest mountain in mainland South Korea.

This Peace pilgrimage will continue every year by climbing up Mt. Seorak of the south and Mt. Geumgang and Baekdu of the north until Korea YWCA’s 100th anniversary in 2022.

For more information contact Grace Eun Young Kim (Coordinator of International Relations of Korea YWCA) at