African Regional Meeting Delegates, Kampala Uganda, 2019

On April 15-16, a number of YWCAs  came together to attend the African Regional meeting (ARM), themed “Transformative and Intergenerational leadership for a strong and sustainable movement in Africa”.

The meeting covered a number of important topics including the formation of a consortium for resource mobilisation in particular with the regional bodies such as the Southern African Development Community (SADC). This was a key step as most partners prefer to work with a consortium. The intergenerational approach of the meeting led to discussions on the impact it will have on this kind of meetings and on a larger scale for the YWCAs of Africa to connect with women and young women for cross learning and to highlight their roles for a larger good.

The World YWCA General Secretary, Casey Harden was at the event, reinforcing the movement’s commitment to the cause of young women leadership for a sustainable world. Members agreed to support the transformative and intergenerational leadership agenda for YWCA to achieve Goal 2035. It was reaffirmed that young women should be given the space they deserve at all levels of our structures by applying theory on a practical level.
Other key elements of the ARM meeting included a consultation on the new formula for affiliation fees, and what consequences it may have on the attendance of African member associations at World Council 2019, which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, the 17 to 22 November 2019. It was collectively agreed that the matter will be taken to the Council with agreed resolutions.
The ARM decided to revive a former regional body. A task force was created to review and examine the type of body that should be adopted and the terms of reference for this were shared.
This African Regional Meeting was a success with a record of 23 member’s association represented and an attendance of 50% of young women participating in the discussions. The meeting was a great opportunity to connect and proved to be an excellent learning experience, supporting for a better coordination as a region and collective efforts between member associations with the support of the World office.
“The ARM was a great opportunity to explore the exciting role we can play in leading the change in Africa.”