Happy World YWCA Day 2019

On April 24th, YWCAs around the world celebrated World YWCA Day under the World Council 2019 theme: Young Women Transforming Power Structures for Gender Equality”. To commemorate this special occasion, local and national member associations held a number of events and activities, to celebrate our leadership, our achievements and efforts advancing women, young women and girls’ rights.

World YWCA General Secretary, Casey Harden, shared a message for the movement, acknowledging the vision of the founders of YWCA, of those creating positive change in the world of today and of our future successors who will carry forward the work of the YWCA with the same spirit, in a revolutionary way.

World YWCA launched a video with the voices of young women leaders coming from different countries and associations, reflecting on the power structures they face and the need to transform these for  equality to be a reality.

To view more on the different activities and events for World YWCA Day, click on the following hashtag: #WYD19.

To read our General Secretary’s message for World YWCA Day and to view video, click here.