On January 21st,  we hosted an advocacy training in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for 46 young women and girls coming from all regions of Africa. The training took place right before the 29th Gender Is My Agenda Campaign (GIMAC) Pre-Summit and the 28th African Union Summit (AU).

The idea was to give young women and girls the tools to work for their cause with governments during GIMAC and the AU. The training was the occasion for the participants to share challenges and best-practices of their advocacy with peers and it was led by young women. That said, women of all ages contributed to bring in different perspectives and this is part of our intergenerational approach.

“Make sure young women and girls are well informed and represented when you are making decisions about them. Consult us, we are experts in our own right”. Advocacy training participant

During the training, the young women drafted key advocacy messages on the need to “harness the demographic dividend through investment in youth”, to be used at the AU Summit. They also developed an action plan to meaningfully include the voices of young women and girls in GIMAC and the AU. 

This training was held in collaboration with Plan International and Rozaria Memorial Trust (RMT).