Knowledge and confidence are two key components when it comes to making responsible choices. This is why Juli Dugdale, Global Programme Manager Women’s Leadership, World YWCA/YWCA of Solomon Islands and an IPPF trainer led a workshop for 30 young women on Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) 15-17 November in Honiara, Solomon Islands. The main objective was to discuss issues that affect young women and to share with  the participants the information and knowledge to prevent HIV, AIDS, STI’s  and early unintended pregnancy. In addition, she encouraged them to build their confidence as empowered young women leaders and teach their peers about SRHR and family planning.

“We need to work together and  support young women and girls for them to live a life in dignity. My dream is that one day you will stand in front of a group of young women and tell them what you have learned” said Juli.

This training took place during a journey in the Asia and Pacific (Taiwan, Honh Kong, Fiji, Samoa) made by Juli Dugdale, Global Programme Manager Women’s Leadership, World YWCA. During the journey she gave trainings on intergenerational leadership and to strengthen young women’s leadership, as part of the Rise up programme which has been running since 2012.