Today, on the International Day of the Girl Child, the World YWCA calls on all global leaders to protect, empower and support the rights of girls and young women. We ask you to empower us in four key ways:

  1. By creating space for us at decision-making tables, assuring non-discriminatory meaningful and inclusive participation;
  2. By ensuring the effective implementation of laws and policies that protect our fundamental human rights, including our rights to peace, health, education and control over our own bodies (Sustainable Development Goals 3,4, and 16);
  3. By facilitating accessibility to youth-friendly services and resources, including information and communication technology, education and training;
  4. By eradicating gender inequalities so that we may become effective agents of change and contribute to a brighter future for everyone (Sustainable Development Goal 5).

As a movement of young women, we stand united in our goal to transform power structures and to create justice, gender equality and a world without violence and war, inclusive of all individuals. And we welcome all of you to join us.

Happy International Day of the Girl Child!