Girls in ICTICT is critical to empower young women and girls

Today, April 28, is International Girls in ICT Day. It’s a day to share the power of technology and encourage girls and young women to consider studies and careers in information and communications technology (ICT).

We know that girls and young women often find themselves underrepresented in ICT fields. At the same time, ICT plays an important role in empowering girls and young women by helping them overcome the physical, cultural and social barriers that may prevent them from accessing opportunities. ICT can also help advance gender equality and women’s rights by giving girls and young women a way to share their voices and providing them with career opportunities.

Today, we join the International Telecommunications Union, its member states and other partners in encouraging more young women and girls to consider studies and careers in ICT.

However, this will only be possible if we:

  • Promote equal opportunities for the existing women and girls in ICT fields, giving them adequate support, mentorship, funding and visibility;
  • Ensure equal access to vocational skills, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in ICTs for all young women and girls and help them successfully transition from education to work;
  • Diversify vocational and technical training to incorporate more training on ICT

ICT is critical to empower young women and girls, so let’s collaborate to increase awareness, training and opportunities in this important field.