Running for our girls



On Saturday 17 September, Frauenfeld (Women’s Field), the capital of the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland, became the setting for a two-hour race to support projects developed by Horyzon, a Swiss development organization for youth. One of the projects was a programme on education of young women and girls in Haiti, through the YWCA of Haiti.

Horyzon coordinated the entire event. Each runner could become a sponsor by using every kilometer they ran to raise proceeds for their projects.

The race brought together more than 400 people from different ages, cultures and faiths, all with the same objective: to run as many laps as they could to support the cause. By the end of the day, this effort translated into more 76,000 Swiss francs which will impact the lives of young women and girls in gaining independence, taking responsibility in their community and becoming more empowered.


Werner Stahl, Leader Programme Officer of Horyzon, mentioned that the race was “a fun environment where people could run at their own pace for themselves and for others”. This concept started in Frauenfeld in 1986 with great success, and it has been continuously repeated.

The World YWCA’s young women attended the event and supported Horyzon in preparations and during the closing ceremony. This was the first time a member of YWCA of Haiti participated in the race. Sophia Pierre Antoine, represented both World office and YWCA of Haiti. She was interviewed at the start of the run where she highlighted the great feeling to see solidarity and support from all the runners participating.