On 13 December 2016, our new General Secretary Malayah Harper and the World Office met with representatives from International organizations, NGO’s, partners and friends of the World YWCA at her welcome reception in Geneva.

The room was full of people, ideas and excitement when she took the mic to share her vision. She said that she is proud and happy that “We are putting young women in the position to transform power structures”. This is a movement that “walks the talk” since 60% of our Board Members are young women. She concluded by saying “We commit to building the social movement of millions of women around the world who demand change”.

This was the occasion to connect and reconnect with Ambassadors, UN agencies such as UNFPA and UNAIDS, organisations such as the Africa Progress Panel and Act Alliance. Malayah emphasised her willingness to build partnerships since she strongly believes that “together we can make a difference”.