We are deeply concerned and saddened by the US administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move their embassy there in the near future. Jerusalem is a city of three faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and two peoples: the Palestinians and the Israelis.

This decision violates international law and several UN Resolutions, including the Geneva Conventions and the Oslo Agreement, which demand that the status of Jerusalem must not change until final peace negotiations.

This unilateral decision made by the United States also aggravates tensions in the Middle East as it throws into question the security of important holy sites and affirms illegal settlement expansion.

The World YWCA is an organization of women of all faiths, who work to create justice, gender equality and a more peaceful world. We call on the international community to affirm and protect human rights and international law for all people. We ask all global leaders to condemn this announcement and work for a sustainable and just peace that will bring security for both Palestinians and Israelis.


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