This World YWCA Day, join the celebration virtually!

This World YWCA Day, join the celebration virtually!

Every year on April 24th, YWCAs around the world celebrate World YWCA Day. On this day, we recognise our movement’s efforts in creating positive change for all women and young women around the world.

Today, as we experience the global outbreak of COVID-19, we are forced to take drastic measures in the ways we live and operate. “Physical distancing” has become prime to ensure safety of all and thereby to flatten the curve of infection rates. Nevertheless, YWCA leaders are redefining the way to operate for some time, ensuring communities worst affected are being provided with the means to adapt and resources in times of stress. And as they do this work, they would need to take good care of their own selves.

This World YWCA Day, we encourage each and every one of you to celebrate this year’s theme “We Think. We Share. We Speak.” by using technology to connect wherever possible, and considering all country or locality specific isolation protocols. The following toolkit contains a number of ideas on how to do so!

  • Click here to download the World YWCA Day 2020 Toolkit in English.
  • Clic aquí para descargar el Kit de Herramientas del Día de la YWCA Mundial 2020 en español.
  • Cliquez icí pour télécharger la boîte à outils de la Journée de la YWCA  Mondiale 2020 en français.

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Acknowledgements: A big thank you to our talented interns Ellie and Helen, for supporting to conceptualise the original theme and toolkit. The content was later modified by the World YWCA team to adapt it to the global pandemic we are living.