World YWCA Safe Space 2020

Since 2018, the World YWCA has been working with IKEA Vernier (Switzerland) and Elizabeth Nash to redesign the office based on a cohesive feminist approach to interior and program planning. The recent addition to the office has been the safe space. Elizabeth Nash, a friend of the YWCA, has worked to bring this to reality with the young women at World YWCA.


From the very beginning, it was obvious that collaboration between the World YWCA and IKEA Vernier would not only create a beautiful and practical work environment, but would showcase our shared values of equality, empowerment, and diversity. IKEA fully supported our young women-led process, ensuring they were the decision makers leading the 2 year project. For me, it has been one of the most rewarding projects I have been blessed to oversee.”

Elizabeth Nash


Safe Spaces form the very core of the YWCA movement. They are key to creating a collaborative, engaging safe environment for women, young women and girls. The World YWCA office in Geneva has been modelling safe spaces for years in a variety of formats. And so, while we were away ensuring World Council was transformative for everyone, the World YWCA office was getting transformed to include a truly inclusive and empowering safe space.

This final step in completion of the feminist project has been a perfect addition to the World YWCA office. World YWCA is currently exploring the opportunity to open the space for young women and girls in and around Geneva. Next time you are in Geneva, stop by to experience the calm and feminist safe space we call ‘heaven’.

Take a tour of our new World YWCA safe space.