img_2600“Special measures and institutional changes are necessary to achieve a more gender equal society. We have to IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT, IMPLEMENT.” said Torild Skard, a Norwegian psychologist and senior researcher, during her lecture about her book: “Women of Power”.

The presentation took place at the World Council of Churches office in Geneva, where many feminists came together to learn more about the achievements and life stories of the world’s female leaders up to the current era.

The event also had a panel of women leading change in different organisations, including the Interim General Secretary of the World YWCA, Sara Llort.

Each panellist gave their perspective on how to foster women’s empowerment and shared the key actions that they are currently implementing to achieve gender equality in their respective organisations.img_2593

Other speakers that joined the panel were:

  • Fulata Moyo, World Council of Churches’ Programme Executive for “A Just Community of Women and Men”
  • Elaine Neuenfeldt, Executive Secretary for Women in Church and Society (WICAS) at the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva
  • Catherine Bosshart, Vice-chair of NGO Committee on the Status of Women, Geneva

img_2612During her presentation, Sara Llort from the World YWCA emphasised the importance of maintaining progressive empowerment of young women and girls and the great value of mentoring and intergenerational leadership, in order to once and for all achieve gender equality.