From 10 to 16 November, 2019, the World YWCA and the World YMCA will observe the World Week of Prayer with the theme “Young people transforming power structures for gender equality.” The two organisations have collaborated on this tradition since 1904.

To achieve a world in which all young people are inspired and equipped to realise the future that they want, there is a pressing need for transformation. Transformation as individuals, as a community, but also transformation of the power structures that bind the world and prevent us from achieving peace, gender equality, justice and a planet that thrives in harmony with all living creatures and nature.

Both YWCAs and YMCAs have travelled through history and have witnessed transformation before. We have seen global mobilisations led by youth that have opened the way for policies and actions towards good. Recently, young people around the world have been very vocal in their call for action to combat climate change everywhere and to tackle issues of inequality that are affecting their lives and their future. Youth voices demanding and urging concrete and fast actions in a rapidly evolving world, is evidence that transformation is happening and will continue to rise.

The theme for this year’s World Week of Prayer: Transforming power structures for gender equality, is also rooted in the need for elimination of gender disparities, and transformation of the way societies treat young women and men.

We encourage you to adopt this booklet and explore the methodology of Conceptual Bible Studies as a tool for advocacy, to raise awareness and consolidate commitment to transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is an extended invitation for communities to use biblical text and link it back to the live experiences of local realities throughout the Week of Prayer and beyond! The reflections that come as part of a collective discussion in community, is what makes this process of empowerment and transformation powerful and engaging with all voices.

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