This morning one of the World YWCA interns, Alex Martin from Kent, is preparing to make a statement at the Annual Discussion on the Integration of a Gender Perspective, which is part of the 33rd regular session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) at the United Nations (UN).img-20160926-wa0001-2

We made another statement last week at the the High-level Panel on Youth and Human Rights, which was also part of the HRC session.

These regular HRC sessions occur three times per year. It is critical for the World YWCA to engage with the HRC since this is one of the most important global human rights bodies and it hold governments accountable to their commitments made to women, young women and girls. During the HRC sessions, member states also make new commitments that can have an important impact on the rights of women, young women and girls.

Our presence during HRC sessions means that we can influence future commitments and that they reinforce our movement’s priorities and vision. This is a way for us to realise the transformative leadership of young women and girls and guarantee that their human rights are implemented locally.