The World YWCA is pleased to announce the Young Women Leadership Cohort Programme 2020. The World YWCA Young Women Leadership Cohort Programme 2020 provides an opportunity for two or more young women from the YWCA movement to experience the international community-building, work and reach of the World YWCA. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the design of the World YWCA Young Women Leadership Cohort 2020 has been adapted to occur at World YWCA member associations where travel within country is possible and wherein a YWCA member association (local or national; host associations) has the capacity to support a leadership cohort member (intern). The cohort programme will take place from approximately September 1 to December 15, 2020, beginning and ending remotely (not in Geneva, Switzerland) in the interns’ host association country (or another country, as applicable) with travel to Geneva, Switzerland, as permitted by and reasonable given travel and pandemic related restrictions.

After introductory remote orientation completed by the World YWCA Office, the intern will continue to virtually participate in a World YWCA led leadership cohort, and also complete an in-situ internship with the host association. As possible and reasonable, interns will be invited to come to Geneva or potentially another location outside of the host association country, for: trainings or work experience, meetings with other cohort members or World YWCA leaders; or, to attend global engagement and event opportunities with international civil society organisations, the United Nations and other global stakeholders and partners.

The leadership programme is designed to allow the interns to develop their skills and knowledge on leadership, advocacy on global, regional and national levels, movement-building, strategic communications, good governance and accountability, and advocacy. It is also meant to enable them to develop expertise on global issues particularly in the World YWCA thematic areas of young women’s leadership, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and peace with justice. In addition, the leadership cohort programme is designed in relation to the collective YWCA Goal 2035 (and theory of change), as well as the World YWCA 2020-2023 Strategic Framework. The selected young women leaders will learn about the overarching aims and implications of Goal 2035 and will be invited to contribute to and co-lead work related to the Goal and strategic framework, as well as work of the host association. As part of the cohort programme, dedicated mentoring, coordination and guidance will be provided using an intergenerational, shared and collaborative leadership, grounded in the human-rights based approach of the World YWCA. Host associations will work collaboratively with World YWCA Office to ensure a constructive, rich, exploratory and dignified experience that includes strategic, tactical and task-oriented experience, complemented by clearly defined leadership opportunities and exposure opportunities to increase the knowledge of and engagement with the World YWCA movement.

The terms of reference for the young women applicants and the host associations, along with the application form are available in English as the young women applicants must be able to read and write in English for the programme. However, YWCAs can provide their endorsement letter in English, Spanish or French.

Deadline to submit your application is Monday, August 24, 2020; 11:59 PM (Geneva time).

Download the applicants terms of reference of the programme

Download the host associations terms of reference

Download the application form

Download the application form in word

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