YWCA of Palestine Newsletter : Volume 03, Summer 2017

This Summer newsletter is a giant thank you note to all the partners who have worked with us over the many past years. We literally could not do what we do without their support; either financially or spiritually. Together we have built a Palestinian organization that empowers youth and women through vocational training, leadership development, and civic engagement.

Our Newsletter is divided into two main sections: Working with Our International Partners and Working with our Faith Based Partnerships . In each section, the reader will find articles written by our partners including an article about two of our young women who had the opportunity to work with the Peace and Justice Internship and Mission of the Church of the Disciples. In addition, we have included articles from a group of women from the United Church of Christ Central Pacific who came here in the Spring of 2016 to work with us as part of their commitment to be Global Mission partners with us.

2017 is a year of commemorations here in Palestine, let it also be a year marked by significant progress toward liberation and freedom.

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