The idea that YWCA could use a cohesive feminist approach to interior design in order to create Safe Spaces caught the attention of Angela Kumpl, former manager of the IKEA store in Vernier.  IKEA, a well-known Swedish company, creates beautiful and functional home and work spaces in more than 50 countries worldwide. And the YWCA has been creating safe spaces around the world for more than 100 years.

Elizabeth Nash, Consultant and a caring member of the YWCA movement for many years, proposed the Young Women-led Safe Spaces Makeover Project. With the support of IKEA Vernier Store Manager Dennis Bar, the Sustainability Coordinator Xabier Aranguren Sagasti, and the design team, the collaborative working started with World YWCA young women to create a feminist working space.

We are excited to partner with IKEA to begin transforming YWCA Safe Spaces values into a physical reality by bringing the World YWCA office space up-to-date and in line with our vision.

Click here to see a photo gallery of the collaborative initiative.