Introducing the New World YWCA Board

We are delighted to introduce the newly elected World YWCA Board, chosen at the 30th World Council. This dynamic group of leaders brings a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication to advancing our mission of empowering women and promoting gender equality worldwide.

Mira Rizeq – President (Palestine – Middle East)

Mira Rizeq (she/her/hers) is a recognised leader with over 35 years of solid local, regional, and international experience in development and advocacy. Mira has been an active YWCA member since her childhood and served as the National General Secretary at the YWCA of Palestine from 2006-2020, after which she was elected as the World YWCA Board President in 2019. She is currently serving her second term.

Casey Harden – General Secretary/CEO (USA) Ex-Officio Member

Since January 2019, as the 15th General Secretary of the World YWCA, Casey has been driving the realisation of the global YWCA movement’s Goal 2035. Casey has worked in the local, regional, and national spheres of the USA, advocating for and ensuring direct services in response to issues of sexual and gender-based violence, economic justice, health and wellness, leadership, and anti-racism.

Tina Herrera

Tina Herrera – Treasurer (USA – North America)

Adrianna Sosa – Vice President (Haiti – Caribbean)

Adrianna has been a board member of the World YWCA since 2019 and is currently serving a second term. For the past three years, she has been committed to peacebuilding and community development, working at a grassroots level as a project coordinator at the YWCA Haiti.

Kateule Valentina Kasonde

Kateule Valentina Kasonde – Vice President (Zambia – Africa)

Kateule began her journey with the YWCA as a Y-teen volunteer, where her passion for social change was ignited. Recognised for her leadership potential, Kateule was mentored by the senior leaders within YWCA Zambia, propelling her into the role of National Youth Chairperson from 2015 to 2019. Currently, Kateule serves as the World YWCA Board Africa Region Vice President.


Charlotte Muggeridge – Vice President (Aotearoa/New Zealand – Pacific)

Charlotte is in her second term on the World YWCA Board as a Vice President. She holds various governance positions both locally and nationally in New Zealand. She is on the New Zealand/Aotearoa YWCA board and has a passion for gender equality.

Margaret Jip KUO

Margaret Jip Kuo – Vice President (Taiwan – Asia)

In 2003, Margaret joined the YWCA young women international training programs, later becoming a board member of the YWCA of Taiwan in 2009 and serving as a World YWCA Board Member since 2019. She utilises her expertise in envisioning intergenerational leadership, strengthening young women and girls’ transformative leadership, realising gender equality, and leading a sustainable YWCA movement.


Nancy Fabiola Urrutia Zelaya – Vice President (Honduras – Latin America)

Nancy joined the YWCA Honduras in 2017, initially serving as a volunteer and later becoming the Board President. With a strong commitment to social justice and gender equality, she has been an advocate for empowering young women and girls, aligning her efforts with the mission of the YWCA.


Yvonne Schupbach – Vice President (Switzerland – Europe)

Yvonne has been part of the YWCA YMCA Switzerland since she was a young girl and has been active in the international YWCA and YWCA for ten years, starting with participating in the 2014 European Representatives Meeting in Stuttgart (now the European YWCA General Assembly). Yvonne is currently serving her second term on the World YWCA Board.