On March 5th Thursday, the National YWCA of Korea (hereafter Korea YWCA) along with its 36 local YWCAs and 51 affiliated facilities participated in a ‘Thursday in Black’ online campaign calling for the end of violence against women and children, on the occasion of 2020 International Women’s Day.

#Metoo movement has gone viral in Korean society since January 2018 when the public prosecutor, Seo Ji-hyeon accused a former South Korean ministry of justice official of sexual harassment in a televised interview. Her public revelation became a rallying cry and the laws addressing these metoo related crimes and sexual violence at workplace has been enacted which has brought new dynamics in every level of the Korean society.  Korea YWCA has also strongly urged the authorities and the law makers to bring the perpetrators to justice and make all necessary laws to support the survivors by marching the heart of Seoul city on March 8th, 2018.

However, women are still suffering and exposed to many discriminative gender based violence such as dating abuse, stalking and etc in their daily lives.  Not to mention, women and girls are the biggest targets of digital sex crime including spycam filming, unsolicited intimate images and the distribution of videos of sexual acts.  Women of Korea constantly has been crying out to stop this gender base violence against women and girls and protect the victim, punish the perpetrator for the past decades but their rightful request has been denied and ignored up until this day.

To celebrate the International Women’s Day and to remember and show support to the sexual violence victims, Korea YWCA launched the ‘YWCA Thursday in Black’ online campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Network platforms such as blogs and webpages.

On March 5th Thursday, Korea YWCA invited all YWCA affiliated members to participate this campaign by 1) logging in to personal SNS account to state ‘I participate in YWCA Thursday in Black online Campaign!’ ‘I call for end of violence against women(VAW) and demand for better justice!,’ 2) posting hashtag #metoo_movement_still_ongoing #Stop_Femicide #YWCAThursdayinBlack, and 3) uploading the campaign posters provided.

Various scheduled offline campaigns have switched over to online platform due to the COVID19 outbreak.  In order to minimize the spread of the virus, Korea YWCA has requested the participants to join the campaign at their own desks or at their office space by doing the crossed-arm ‘X’ gesture at the same time.  The crossed-arm ‘X’ gesture is a way to make a statement that sexual violence will not be tolerated and to show solidarity to the World YWCA stop Violence Against Women Campaign(VAW).  Participants joined the campaign in their own unique ways to share the public awareness of no tolerance to any violence committed against women on their own SNS accounts.