National YWCA of Korea, with its local associations, raised total of USD 13,300.00 dollars (KRW 16,426,290 won) from the nationwide ‘2020 YWCA 40 day-Lent Campaign: Dedicating the tithe (10%) of daily meal expenses for North Korean Children.’

The campaign lasted for 8 weeks during the Lent period of February 26th until April 11th with the aim to raise the public awareness toward peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula, to remind of the tragedy of the separation for 70 years and to remember the North Korean children and women with a heart of Jesus Christ.

Due to COVID19 social distancing policy globally, nationally and locally, the fundraising campaign was definitely a challenge. However, the YWCA members nationwide participated and led this fund raising campaign truly empathising with the people in need and their neighbours. Not only the local YWCA members, but many global citizens who were aware of the campaign through various Social Networking Service (SNS) platform joined the campaign hoping for the peace era to come upon the Korean Peninsula.

Though North Korea has claimed from the outset of the coronavirus pandemic that it has no COVID-19 patients within its territory, foreign analysts believe that the virus has spread to the country.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), North Korea is still a country with poor health care system, and as of 2018, it is estimated that 20,000 people died from tuberculosis and 7 million residents could not get clean drinking water. Under these circumstances, the international society predicts that the impact of COVID19 on the vulnerable groups such as women and children in North Korea could be quite serious.

Recalling the “Resolution on the Solidarity for the Establishment of Permanent Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula” passed at the 29th World YWCA Council and implementing the resolution based on the resolution statement of ‘Protect vulnerable North Korean children and women in armed conflicts and participate in sustainable humanitarian assistance for the health and well-being by supporting the global cooperation projects,’ Korea YWCA’s 40 day-Lent Campaign fund has been used to send reusable masks to North Korea on March 25th.

Korea YWCA has begun the journey to peace era and will continue the journey throughout the year with different projects and peace campaigns.

We would like to kindly invite all YWCA sisters around the world to join us with prayers and participation!

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