We are happy to announce that we are improving the four year questionnaire that you are all familiar with. From now on we will contact you with a short progress questionnaire on an annual basis. It will be a more powerful tool to show our impact as a movement and to measure progress toward the Strategic framework.

Within the new survey, the number of questions will decrease to 1/3 of the original length and  the wording will be improved to make it quicker and easier to fill out while also increasing data quality.

The survey will have more detailed questions on young women engagement, the membership base, programmes and advocacy, and partnerships. During the interim years of the 4 year cycle there will not be questions linked to the branding, finance and operations.

You received the first edition of our new survey on 28th November via email. The results will be summarised in the Yearly Global progress report, which will be published in March and presented at the annual Board Meeting. We will focus on showing our global impact through high quality data. You will also receive an extract with your individual data which can easily be reused for your annual report.