YWCA’s around the world works actively on the ground to help young women and
girls understand their rights. Despite that, some of the girls have to make difficult choices when there is no good option. We want to change that!

Sophia Pierre-Antoine from YWCA Haïti says:

“One of the best things about working at the community level is being able to visit th
e girls in their neighborhood and homes.
I was able to meet with a now 15 year old girl that I hadn’t seen since I moved back to Haiti and resumed my work at the YWCA Haïti a month or so ago. Turns out she was embarrassed to come back because she recently gave birth. I didn’t know she was pregnant. The father is an older married man who would pay her school fees in exchange for sex. He cut contact once she became pregnant. She told me she knew the risks since she learned them all in the workshops we provide (violence, HIV, STIs, pregnancy) but desperately wanted to continue her education. I’m hoping we will be able to get her to come back to the Youth Center and find her much needed nutrition classes for her well-being and that of her child.”