Fundraising and awareness campaign

Founded in 2003, the Girls’ Shelter Las Flores provides protection, care and education to girls survivors of violence and sexual abuse. The shelter is home to 18 girls between the ages of 5 to 18 years old and has a staff of 6 people dedicated to providing physical, psychological and legal support. This shelter is currently under an imminent threat of closing due to lack of funds.  The YWCA of Honduras, in collaboration with the Rotaract clubs, have taking action to rescue this center of girls. To ensure the financial rescue Center Las Flores, and to create awareness to the population about the violence and sexual abuse that these girls have survived and that continues to be a suffering amongst other girls around the country, a campaign has been launched called: “TOGETHER FOR THEimagen1M”.

As part of the campaign a short documentary was filmed, produced and directed by Papalote Films, in collaboration with the YWCA Honduras and Rotaract, where can learn a little
more about the situation of girls. You can watch the short with english subtitles here:

If you want to learn more, on how you can collaborate or be part of the campaign, go to www.facebook/juntosporellas, or write to us at