For over a hundred years the Italian YWCA in Turin has operated a foyer, which recently turned into a social housing.

Lately, a growing poverty rate has brought increased unemployment and lack of housing.

That is why the social housing, previously reserved to students, members and elderly women, is now also offered to trafficked women, victims of domestic violence, families in housing emergency situations due to a no-fault eviction and men undergoing programmes for reintegration into society.

In order to respond to these needs, YWCA Italy has decided to collaborate with public entities and civil society organisations and offer support services for self – reliance to these groups; YWCA has engaged social workers as professionals within a new work context.

Thanks to this transformation we have been able to reach an agreement with the local Prefecture which allows us to welcome migrants, asylum – seekers and refugees to the Turin shelter within a project named “Al di qua del mare” (“This side of the sea”).

Italy is one of the first countries of transit/destination of migrants coming through the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, in this difficult historical period the key word is hospitality. It means not only board and lodging, but also the provision of daily support so that they can achieve autonomy and integration into the society: we organize educational plays and regular meetings sharing training and education, which involves guests, experts, citizens, volunteers and social workers from other organizations are involved.

It’s our way of saying “Moving forward with no one left behind”.