captureFrom 13 to 19 November, 2016, the World YWCA and the World YMCA will observe the World Week of Prayer with the theme “Leaving no one Behind.” The two organisations have collaborated on this tradition since 1904.

The theme of the 2016 World Week of Prayer is designed to help us reflect on our diversity and discuss how we can better accept, include and celebrate individuals for their uniqueness. The prayer and reflection guide for the week is now available in English and French, with Spanish to follow shortly.

You can adapt the Week of Prayer guide for your own local context and use it to help spark discussions and address issues that will help bring people together. It’s also intended as a source of inspiration—to pray, to reflect, to collaborate—and ultimately create a more inclusive world.

Download the English version of the guide in PDF or Word version

Download the French version of the guide in PDF or Word version

Download the Spanish version of the guide in PDF or Word version