What is a Virtual Safe Space?

An online space/platform created to provide an environment that encourages all people present to share experiences, opinions, and views without fear

or threat of political, economic or personal harm.

Why do we Need Virtual Safe Spaces ?

COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to take drastic measures in the ways we live and operate. “Physical distancing” has become the most common way to ensure safety of all and thereby to flatten the curve of infection rates.

The YWCA movement is always committed to standing up for women and young women supporting communities. YWCA leaders are problem solvers, caretakers, leaders in communities, both formally and informally. Through this practice of resilience, YWCA leaders showcase commitment, kindness and gratitude in all their work. Today YWCA leaders are once again redefining the way YWCA will operate for some time, ensuring communities worst affected are being provided with the means and resources to adapt in times of stress.

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