The World YWCA is creating a feminist research methodology aimed towards meaningful engagement and ownership of an agenda for young women by young women. The systematic engagement and consultation is with a diverse group of young women, and the research is using a participatory, intergenerational approach with young women representatives from the different regions of the world. These young women are being trained and involved as advisors for the entire process of designing the research methodology, and acting as key stakeholders in the design and development of specific data collection tools and techniques. We are pleased to do this work in collaboration with an expert iWords Global agency.

This tool will be a game changer for World YWCA for how we engage with young women. The young women driven process has already started to prove instrumental in development of our consultation processes around World YWCA programmes. The results are clearly capacitating young women to define their agenda in an evidence based manner, in different topics.

The mandate of World YWCA is to ensure all young women are capacitated to transform power structures for gender equality and this step is critical to identify entry points to mobilise and catalyse connections within and beyond their communities and countries. Young women must be engaged to achieve the sustainable development goals, and this work by the YWCA movement will be instrumental to define development milestones for gender equality.

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