Today, half of the world’s population is under 30 years old, affecting the way the world is moving ahead. Their choices, opportunities, actions and stories of change are shaping the global narrative of sustainable development. Young women have been largely excluded of the decision-making processes, mostly taken as mere numbers and data sets. Despite this fact, their impacts are significant. Through the courage of young women’s social movements and youth-led advocacy campaigns, development organizations are revisiting data and understanding it from a gendered perspective. The YWCA movement is working towards a transformative approach that honours our century-long intergenerational approach by deepening our engagement with young women. This is key to look towards the future by identifying innovative approaches to support young women as they transform power structures.
At the World YWCA, we put young women at the very centre of change:
  • In our adaptive programme strategy, young women are driver and co-leaders of change
  • To facilitate this, we find new ways for young women to connect, mobilize, inspire one another and build collective action
  • Through the power of collaboration and partnerships, we aim to include young women’s voices in decision making, leadership and peace building, facilitating their definition of empowerment
Our work at World YWCA doesn’t stop here. We support not only the SDGs, but larger goals around including gender across development mandates. With our Bold and Transformative Goal, we envision a world where by 2035, 100 million young women and girls will transform power structures to create justice, gender equality, and a world without violence and war. Working by a mandate of leaving no one behind by having active young women’s engagement across the world, the YWCA movement is working to create new entry points for young women, ensuring that meaningful knowledge exchange, advocacy, and decision making.