From 25 to 29 July, the World YWCA Board met in Geneva to make several strategic decisions for the organisation. Here are a few highlights.

Approving the 2015 financial statements and 2016 budget reforecast

The Board approved the audited financial statements for 2015 as well as a re-forecasted budget for 2016. To address the current financial situation, it authorised the World Office to develop and implement a two-year recovery plan, starting on 1 Jan. 2017. 

Retaining the interest and dividend income from World YWCA investments

The Board has decided to retain the World YWCA’s interest and dividend income (76,205 CHF) from 2015 to help reduce the organisation’s deficit. In some years, the World YWCA has allocated this income to the Power to Change Fund to provide more grants to member associations (MAs), in addition to the grants already funded by other donors. For those MAs that have recently applied for a Power to Change Fund grant, this will not affect the 2016 process.

Building a new, fairer approach to affiliation fees

Based on recommendations from the Sustainability & Affiliation Fees Task Force, the World Board has approved a new affiliation fees formula to ensure a fairer approach for all MAs. Detailed information will be available shortly, and the organisation will establish discussion sessions with the movement in preparation for the upcoming Extraordinary World Council later this year. 

Planning World Council 2019

To facilitate planning for World Council 2019 in South Africa, the World Board established a World Council 2019 Planning Committee, which will include World Office staff, as well as four Board Members:

  • Kuena Diaho (Lesotho)
  • Jenna Foster (USA)
  • Lucy Masiye (Zambia)
  • Melanie Gentner (Germany)

Strengthening young women and girls’ transformative leadership

The World Office also briefed the Board on the status of the Young Women’s Leadership Council, which is outlined in our Strategic Framework. The Concept Note for this new Council, and more information on the application process, will be available shortly. The Board has elected a young woman Board Member, Nive Sharat Chandran, Vice-President of the World Board and Co-President of Aotearoa/New Zealand, to represent the World Board on this Council.

Preparing for the YWCA International Leadership Institute Experts Group Meeting

The World Board expressed its appreciation to the YWCA of Taiwan for their offer to host the first Expert Group Meeting for the YWCA International Leadership Institute. The meeting will be held in Taiwan from 7 to 11 November.

The full Board communiqué is available here.