14971117_10210462303984581_1829279848_oFrom 7 to 11 November 2016, the World YWCA is hosting an Experts Group Meeting (EGM) for the YWCA International Leadership Academy (YWLA) in Taipei, Taiwan.

As agreed by the movement at the World Council in 2015, the YWCA is planning the first pilot of the accredited YWLA in 2018 and the launch will take place in 2019. The YWLA is linked to the our Strategic Framework since it aims to strengthen Young Women and Girls Transformative Leadership.

The planned outcomes of the meeting are:

  • Agree on the purpose and objectives of the YWLA
  • Propose the form of the academy and develop a strategy
  • Develop a fundraising strategy, that incorporates a business model, as well as strategic partnerships so as to launch the YWLA in 2019
  • Create the 2016 – 2019 YWLA work plan
  • Disseminate a well-documented report to member associations and key-partners, which clearly outlines the processes and outcomes of the meeting

Before the Expert’s Group Meeting, a review was made to document the various leadership models in the YWCA Movement. Member Association’s  not attending the Experts Group Meeting also had an opportunity to contribute by participating in the regional consultation calls and filling out the Leadership Academy survey. A Task Force has been selected to contribute with expertise, ideas, experience and advice to the EGM. It’s an intergenerational group of 30 experts in women’s rights, leadership and education. Out of the 30 participants, 30% are young women. The 30 participants are from the YWCA Member Associations (representative of all regions), Donor’s and Academia.

Moving forward, results and documentation of the Experts Group Meeting will be shared to the movement shortly after the Experts Group Meeting in November. The Experts Group Task Force will engage in follow up discussions with all regions.

A special thanks to the YWCA of Taiwan for successfully hosting the Experts Group Meeting and for providing accommodation, in-country transport, materials and conferencing facilities. The YWCA of Taiwan under the leadership of its General Secretary,  Ping Lee has been a driving force of this initiative from the start. Ping Lee was the World YWCA Global Ambassador for the Envisioning 2035 Process and this is when the seed for the first pilot of the accredited YWCA International Leadership Academy was planted.