On the morning of June 7th 2017, members YWCA Korea all over the regions gathered at the Public Information Hall of Kori Nuclear Power Site to protest against the additional construction plans of Shin Kori reactor units 5 and 6 in Busan industrial city.

The President of National YWCA of Korea, Myeong Hae Lee, declared the day as the ‘National YWCA Anti-Nuclear Movement Day of Shin Kori reactor units 5 and 6’ and hosted a National Anti-Nuke Culture Festival.  More than 400 members from the 52 regional YWCA offices and the local residents participated in this peaceful movement

National Anti-Nuke Culture Festival began with the Korean traditional drum performance by the Busan YWCA Institute of Traditional Culture. Following the opening performance, cheering squad from Daegu YWCA led the ‘Anti-Nuke Dance’ for the participating audience and the anti-nuclear songwriter and musician couple, Woo and Kim, performed their most well-known songs by the public.  For the ending performance, all participants picked up 400 pre-made paper airplanes and threw it towards the modeled Shin Kori reactor units 5 and 6 and the radioactive wastes’ barrels.

Protesting at the Public Information Hall of Kori Nuclear Power Site had its significance since the location is the most closest to the Shin Kori reactors No. 5 and No. 6 construction site.

Since 2014, the National YWCA of Korea adopted the ‘Anti Nuclear Movement’ as the core movement of the organization, and 52 regional member YWCAs have been carrying out the national Anti-Nuke Campaign every Tuesday calling for the closure of the existing old nuclear power plants and the nullification of a plan to construct new reactors. Most importantly, the YWCA of Korea has collected 100,000 signatures for their petition for the shutdown of Kori unit 1 Nuclear Power Plant and it has already handed over to the Governor of the Busan in back in 2015.

June 13, 2017, the 162th Tuesday Anti-Nuke Campaign held by YWCA Korea

As a result, the permanent shutdown of unit 1 of the Kori nuclear power plant- the country’s oldest operating reactor unit -has been approved by the South Korea’s nuclear safety regulator and will be taken offline on 19 June, 2017.

Meanwhile, Committee for Anti-Nuclear Movement of National YWCA of Korea plans to meet with the government officials and will continue to network closely with like-minded national and international organizations to support and advocate for the denuclearization policies of Korean Peninsula.

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