Group exercise in Myanmar

Group exercise in Myanmar

Since 2011, the World YWCA Board approved 5 key policy documents. The objectives of these policies are to provide clear guidelines on how as a movement we continue to strengthen our internal processes, grow our movement and provide each other with mutual support.

Affiliation Principles and Process: From Developing Group to YWCA Member Association – A Guidance Note English French Spanish

The Member Association Constitution Review Policy and Process English French Spanish

World YWCA Intervention in Member Association Disputes: Principles and Guidance Note English French Spanish

Disaffiliation of Dormant Member Associations: Policy and Process English French Spanish

World YWCA Child Protection Policy English French Spanish

World Council policies

The World YWCA Statements of Policy 1894-2011 is a compendium of all official statements made during the World YWCA Councils, the official legislative body of the YWCA movement.

World YWCA Statements of policy 1894-2015