Economic empowerment through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the World YWCA’s key programmes. The participation of more young women and girls in science and math programmes is crucial to increase the number of innovative solutions to address community needs and ultimately realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On Girls in ICT Day, we encourage every woman, young woman and girl who is working or studying in these fields, to share her experience with others so they understand the many opportunities ICT offers and realize that their personal success is not a matter of gender.

Today more than ever, we recognize and congratulate all women and girls thriving in the ICT field.

Here are a few of many inspiring young women who are building up their future in ICT. This is also an open invitation to other young women to pursue their dreams in becoming what they wish to become as professionals.

Click here to view video: Girls in ICT 2017 video


Read more to learn more on Girls in ICT and how can you support it in your own community here:

The Campaign: Find out more about the campaign!
How to get involved : A list of topics and events that you could join or replicate in your community.
The Partners: Here is a list of organizations that participated in the campaign last year. You can reach out to them and suggest collaboration. You can also reach out to technology companies in your area, or persuade women working in technology to speak up to inspire other women. The possibilities are endless. The ITU has created a very useful Digital Toolkit.

*Featured image from Girls in ICT 2016 International Telecommunication Union (ITU).